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Our Active Lives Survey is a new way of measuring sport and activity across England and replaces the Active People Survey. To explore the survey, select the data you are interested in analysing. You can select up to two of the dimensions below:

The Active Lives Online tool currently contains Active Lives data for the periods November 15/16 and November 16/17. November 15/16 data was revised and republished in April 2018. The data covering the period May 16/17 has been removed from Active Lives Online temporarily and will be re-uploaded shortly with minor revisions. You can find more information about the revisions to our data and affected statistics on the Sport England website.

Data covering May 17/18 is scheduled for release on 11 October 2018 when our report and data tables will be available on our website. Active Lives Online will be updated shortly after.

During the first six months of surveying, a number of respondents were double counting a gym session and the individual activities that they did within the gym such as using a rowing machine or an exercise bike. We resolved this problem by re-wording the question, however, this means the first point at which we can report this data is May 16/17. Therefore, some activity level data is not available for Nov 15/16.

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